7 Things That Will Drive The Future Of Marketing

This is the question every marketer is researching now – what is the future of marketing? How are the big campaigns going to behave in the future? What are going to be the drivers for future marketing? And the answers are very subjective. Here let us try to highlight the 7 things that may drive the way the marketing is going to be in the recent future.

  1. Mobile is at the center of the marketing – The smartphones, tablets, wearable are going to stay in the market for few years now. And as they become an inseparable part of human life they will continue to encourage the quick, real-time, focused, personalized marketing leveraging the power of mobile.
  2. Personalized messaging and communications – The social media have established the habit of personalized messaging and communications. The campaigns will need to be more and more customized to the target market. The success of a campaign will depend on the level of rationalization it does keeping the brand messaging unaffected.
  3. Precision and transparency in information – As the trend is going, in future people will demand for precision in information that a campaign will provide. They will respect a brand that offers the transparency in information to its customer base. The main source of customer reputation will be the huge social media platform.
  4. Future marketing will be driven by the customer data as well as brand data all put together – Blogging and other source of user data will become an integral part of marketing in future. The brands must respect the bloggers and the voice of customers via the social media. In a way the customers may actually conceptualize the way a product/ service is needed in the market, the way a product/ service needs to be presented in the market. The marketers of future will map customers’ concept received via blogs and social media into next big campaign.
  5. More accurate metrics will surface – The future is bound to offer more advanced metrics and analytics for measuring the performance of a campaign.
  6. Constant innovation in product space as well as in service space will necessitate more intensive brand marketing – The future will see more and more product and services. Some of them will be hardly differential from the other in terms of the features that they will offer. More and more players in the same product/ service space will necessitate more and more grand campaigns. One brand will be in continuous fight with another one to remain in the customer’s mind. That will call for intensive campaigns to showcase the new products/ services, as well as the continuous brand campaigns will be inevitable.
  7. A campaign that will address the need of the moment – As a matter of fact people now live in the moment and this lifestyle is set to remain. A campaign needs to relate to the most relevant thing. Ideally a campaign will be based on a theme that is the most relevant and eventually will kill itself to give room for the next most relevant thing. A campaign will have a definite timeline; the big campaign will come up with an expiry date to make way for the next big campaign. The marketers must be prepared to address the rapid changes in the world.

It’s high time that the marketers of future gear up for the future of marketing.

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